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We are designers of Aluminum Floats, both Straight and Amphibious for your Experimental Homebuilt Aircraft or non-certified Aircraft. To enhence the utility of your Homebuilt Aircraft and allow you access to those hidden fishing holes and lakes in the back country... we can supply you the scratch builder with Production Drawings for 2 weight displacement catagories... 1200lb and 1500lb. The Drawings will provide complete material specs, for self-sealing blind rivets, marine adhesive, retract systems etc. for both Straight Float and Amphibious Float, Homebuilt Aircraft. Each set of Float Drawings allows the scratch builder the license to build one(1) set Floats! A Serial Number is issued with the purchase agreement for the builders protection! We do not offer drawing support to a builder that does not have a Serial Number. The Float Drawings are designed with the novice scratch builder in mind, with basic woodworking tools at his disposal!

For clarification of Order Procedures please read and understand each step as outlined in our - Online Order Procedures!   When and if you decide to place an order, you must do two(2) things!   You must review our Float Drawing Purchase Agreement...   If you accept the order purchase conditions, then you must complete our - Online Order Form!   Again according to our Order Procedures!   We must receive your Online Order first... BEFORE payment is required, we will the notify you when payment is required!
Flying off of water is perhaps the most fun you can have with your Floatplane. Maybe you've not experienced that sense of freedom as your Floatplane lifts off of the water and mounts skyward... then you don't know what you are missing. Experience this in your mind: Water Runway, NO Tower, NO Pattern ... just the sounds of the water, the smell of the fresh air, and the sun sparkling on the water as you taxi along to your takeoff position.
The Infamous J3-Cub

The Norseman
Floatplanes come in all shapes and sizes. Everything from Scratch-built Ultralites to the Flying Boats... to the Water Bombers! Many pilots believe there is no more fun in the world than the old J-3 Cub on Floats! My first flying lesson was in a J3-Cub many years ago, then life got in the way... at that time the J3-Cub was the plane to fly. Now I spent many a summer on the Winnipeg River Floatplane Base at Lac Du Bonnet watching Bush Pilots coming and going with their Beavers, Norseman, Cessna 180's and Super Cub's! There was just nothing like the sounds coming from those big old radial engines, especially the Beaver... they had a very distinct sound. You always new the sound was from a Beaver
Floats or Pontoons are a landing gear adaptation to allow an aircraft to use water as a runway and they can come in all sizes, shapes and styles. They are attached to the fuselage and supported with struts and spreaders bars! Over the years floats have been made out of many different materials such as wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and composite. Now, the best service is from the use of aluminum, its tough, and fexible, easy to repair, light weight , and relatively inexpensive, aluminum meets the critical demands of water takeoffs and landings.
The Immortal Beaver

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