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1 ft = 304.8 mm
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To order a set of Float Drawings I will try and keep the procedure as simple as possible. There are a few steps to follow so that the order process runs smooth... and there is no confusion as to what must be done! So start at Step 1 below to begin:

To place an order for Wheel Penetration Ski Drawings... just skip down to - Make PayPal or Debit/Credit Card Payment Here Only!

Step 1:   Begin by downloading the Float Drawing Purchase Agreement... and review the conditions of the agreement. It's straight forward and lays out the Terms, Conditions and Requirements that both you the Purchaser and we, the Designers understand and agree to!

Download - Float Drawing Purchase Agreement:
   Float Drawing Purchase Agreement

Step 2:    Iff you are in agreement with the Terms, Conditions and Requirements of the Agreement... then go to the - Online Order Form and place your order!    No payment is required until the Order is received and APPROVED by our office... once APPROVED we will then notify when the payment is required!

Step 3:    Upon placing your Online Order, you shall receive confirmatiom that we have received your order and is awaiting approval!   Once we receive the Online Order it will then be processed and approved subject to the provided information on your Online Order... we shall then confirm via an E-mail that this process has taken place!   At this time... and only at this time will Payment be required!   Upon receiving the payment request from our office... simply return to this page and make your payment below!

Payment is by PayPal, OR Credit Card!    Please Note:   You do not need a to have a PayPal Account to use PayPal.    You can make your purchase there direct... using a Credit card... you just have to choose how you wish to make your payment!    Unfortunately we DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS!   This is a view of the PayPal Checkout Screen!
Step 4:   If making your purchase by PayPal, or Credit Card then proceed to the Make Payment section below and make your selection!

Step 5:    Oh yeh... There is no Step 5, you are done.    Upon receiving your order Payment, we shall then confirm the Order via an E-Mail and issue a Serial Number... and upon all completion of all of the paper work, we shall E-Mail the Float Drawings along with our paid Invoice in PDF format for you to download at your convienence!

This Serial Number should be fixed to the floats indicating the Builder's Name, Date, and the Serial Number for the Builder's protection!

We would like to thank you for your Drawing Order and for your time and patient!
The Designers...

Make PayPal or Debit/Credit Card Payment Here Only!

1200 Size Floats Drawings:

#1200st    1200 Straight Float Drawings:  $175US
#1200a    1200 Amphibious Float Drawings:  $210US

1500 Size Float Drawings:
#1500st    1500 Straight Float Drawings:  $200US
#1500a    1500 Amphibious Float Drawings:  $235US

Miscellaneous Drawings!
#fittings   Float Fittings & Attachments Drawings: $60US
#rudder   Water Rudder Drawings: $60US
#CH701   Wheel Penetration Skis: $50US
#CH750   Wheel Penetration Skis: $60US
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